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Microwave technology is first used in communications, broadcasting, and television technologies. In these fields, microwaves are utilized as a carrier of information or information. In the decades of applications of microwave communication engineering, it has been found that there is always a detrimental factor that causes microwave energy loss and needs to be prevented and eliminated - the thermal effect. As early as 1945, some people in the United States proposed the idea of ??using the thermal effect of microwaves to heat materials. Later, many people did not explore, test and study this topic - microwave heating. Until the end of the sixties.
Microwave energy is finally used as an energy source for industrial projects such as heating, drying, insecticide, sterilization, and medical treatment. The first is in the food industry, and the emergence of microwave ovens has further expanded the application of microwave heating technology. Nowadays, microwave heating as a new technology has been highly valued and applied by various disciplines.
Foreign research on microwave energy applications and academic exchanges have been very active and valued. In 1966, the International Microwave Power Society (IMPI) was established in Alberta, Canada, and held an annual academic conference and regularly published the quarterly magazine "The Joural of Microwve Power".
In the 1970s, China began to study microwave energy applications. In 1973, it began research on microwave heating application technology and the development of magnetrons for microwave heating. In 1974 and 1980, the Ministry of Electronics Industry held the "National Microwave Energy Promotion and Application Technology Exchange Conference" to exchange microwave academic and applied technology issues. In March of the same year, it was approved by the Ministry of Machinery and Technology, and the scientific and technological strength of the subordinate units was set up. The Microwave Energy Promotion and Application Station of China Electronic Device Industry Corporation was responsible for the organization and design research of microwave energy promotion and application. In October 1983, the China Electronics Society held the first "National Microwave Energy Application Academic Exchange Conference". Every two years after the election, the region that chooses to promote and apply in the country will take turns to hold microwave application technology exchanges to promote the development of the domestic microwave industry. Each session has a collection of papers covering industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical, scientific research and other fields of application.
At present, China has gradually adopted microwave technology in leather, wood, color printing, food, paper, chemical, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, building materials, rubber and medical industries, and has achieved good economic benefits. As a new processing method, microwave energy technology has had a great impact on technical transformation and equipment renewal in various industries. Especially at this stage, in front of the operators, it is to solve the problem of product structure and social needs, and to adapt to the development of product quality and variety requirements. One of its focuses is the lack of technological innovation and the lag in quality upgrades. The emergence of microwave technology provides good conditions for improving product quality, keeping up with technological advancement, and creating high value-added products.

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